Durex, Libresse, Lactacyd: sexual educational campaign in secondary schools

#Secondary schools

  • Tudd, hogy értsd! 1.0 (Know, so you understand 1.0)
  • Reaching 104 000 student with social support
  • 85 000 publications
  • 50 500 product samples
  • 3100 distributed lesson plans
  • 647 secondary schools
  • The schools visited happily welcomed the program
  • Tudd, hogy értsd! 2.0 (Know, so you understand 2.0)
  • squ.Ad-input: involving bloggers and medical students- secondary school’s students are more open to information coming from opinion leaders closer to their age
  • Processing the topic with the help of two high-end hungarian in uencers, with a reach
of 170 000 people in the age group of 14-15
  • With the support of bloggers and brands, the launch of a sex educational roadshow
  • CSR and PR campaign built on the previous information through traditional media surfaces